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Based on the Latest Research in Fascia, A new approach to train your fascial web.
Conventional training has been emphasizing on muscles, cardiovascular fitness and coordination. However, most of the injuries occur in the connective tissues. Research is showing that training the neuromyofascial web should be explored further. Fascial Fitness will show you how to train the connective tissues to prevent and repair damage and to build elasticity and resilience into the body. This workshop series is the only training program for the development of supple, flexible and strong connective tissue!

Sydney, 13-14 Jamuary 2020

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Product Description

Fascial Fitness is a new approach for fostering a remodeling of more resilient (stronger & more elastic) collagen tissue network through adequately tailored exercises. This workshop is the only training program for the development of supple, flexible and strong connective tissue! It translates the current insights of fascial research into a practical training program that stimulates the remodelling of your fascial tissue architecture to enhance it’s elastic properties, optimize performance & reduce the risk of injury.

Learn the latest findings in Fascia Research and put it into practice.

In sports education, the emphasis has been on muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning and neuromuscular coordination. Emerging research on fascia – the body-wide connective tissue net – reveals a ground-breaking understanding of the essential role this network plays in a moving body. If the ‘fascial’ body is well trained – optimally elastic and resilient – it can be relied on to perform effectively, to allow peak performance, to foster the coordination of supple, elegant movement and to offer a higher potential for injury prevention.

Fascial Fitness does not attempt to replace conventional sports training, but to complement it with a variety of exercises, such as specific loading, dynamic stretching as well as ‘bouncing’ movements that utilize and strengthen the elastic recoil properties of collagenous tissues.

Time:  13-14 January 2020. 9 am—5 pm every day

Location: Sydney, Venue: TBA

Instructor: Divo Muller, Master Fascial Fitness Trainer (Germany)

Cost: $545 : Early Bird, $595: Regular


Refund with $100 admin fee, if cancellation is notified at least 6 weeks before the workshop
50% Refund if cancellation is notified at least 3 weeks before the workshop
Non-refundable if cancellation is notified 2 weeks (or later) before the workshop
Full refund if we, for any reason, cancel a workshop.



Workshop Contents

The workshop consists of theory and practice addressing all aspects of Fascial Fitness, including:

1. Elastic Rebound
• Storage capacity and the catapult effect
• Pretension and preparatory counter movement
• Fascial components: soft elastic and dynamic bounces

2 Myofascial stretches
• Force transmission, tensegrity model, myofascial trains
• Long chain versus short chain
• Melting stretches and power stretches

3 Release and Hydration
• Fascia & extracellular matrix, viscoelasticity of the tissues
• Indications: rehydration intervals, change of impact and rest
• Connective tissue and water: adaptability and fluid dynamics

4 Fascia as a sensory organ
• Sensory receptors in fascia
• Proprioception: pleasure versus pain
• Micromovements: developing elegance
• Somatic mindfulness

5 Cellular Remodeling
• Indications: intensity & frequency
• Matrix Remodeling: changes and long term effects
• Metabolic and biochemical factors


Testimonials – From Fascial Fitness 2012 & 2013

  • “ I can incorporate this into my strength and conditioning sessions with my clients” Greg, Perth.
  • “Great information and great workout that I can apply and can explain to my clients” Juliana, Sydney.
  • “What a fabulous couple of days – thoroughly enjoyed becoming ‘fascianados’” Katrina, Sydney.
  • “I am very please to feel my Fascia strengthened and lengthened., and also feel freer, expanding movement.” Takako, Canberra.
  • “Thank you so much again for organising an amazing workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the four days.” – Amber, Wodonga
  • “I had a wonderful 4 days and thank you for your great organisational skills. Everything flowed well with your quiet competence and management.” Annie, Marrochydore
  • “It was a great course. Thank you for your fantastic organisation.” Maree, Doubleview, WA
  • “Thank you so much for organising this seminar. It was a FANTASTIC seminar.” Susanne, Geelong
  • “I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the organization that went into facilitating this course. It was exceptional! I traveled all the way from Perth & thoroughly enjoyed myself.” Leigh-Ann, Perth.

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