Integrated Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

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Art Riggs will discuss the therapeutic philosophy and techniques into a fluid deep tissue massage. Art will cover the whole body in a common sequence of beginning in prone, moving to supine and the important side-lying position. Strategies and techniques and anatomy will also be discussed. Sydney, 1,2,3 September 2018

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1,2,3 September 2018  Integrated Full Body Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release
Location: Sydney, Australia, Venue: Loft & Earth, Level 1, 70 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction. Time:  9AM – 6PM every day
Art Riggs is back in Australia!
This 3-day workshop covers much more than just techniques and strategies, and are designed to have massage therapists return home with dramatically different approaches to working with tissue, no matter what kind of work you specialize in. It is important that each student obtains quality hands-on supervision to perfect the subtle aspects of biomechanics and touch. Class size will be limited with one or two assistants in addition to the instructor.

Even the best therapeutic touch and techniques, if applied in a haphazard manner can leave our patients feeling unsettled and hamper our therapeutic results. Many useful techniques and strategies will be demonstrated and practiced, but emphasis will be on providing a holistic view of dysfunction and planning an effective session to accomplish your priorities while leaving your patients feeling integrated and comfortable.

Palpation skills will be emphasized to determine just where restrictions, both with soft tissue, but with osseous and other factors, need focus. Major attention will be upon an understanding of primary and secondary restrictions for a logical approach to treatment of soft tissue, osseous restrictions, compensatory reactions, and neurological release. A rationale of session planning will be explained to counter the tendency to “chase pain” rather than treating the complexities of dysfunction.

This class should be of great benefit to both massage therapists performing full body massage and to physical therapists for planning effective sessions considering treatment to tangential relationships causing localized pain, leaving patients feeling integrated in their whole body rather than isolated complaints.


  • Brief summary of manual skills and techniques
    • Clarity in stroke intention
    • Biomechanics for effective touch that is effective and feels good
  • Planning your session
    • Warm up and evaluation
    • Prioritizing goals (“Piotrizing goals”)
    • Transitioning between body segments for a feeling of connection
  • Goals for a clear intention of work
    • Prone position
      • Upper body
        • Connecting cervicals with upper thoracic
        • Freeing the scapula from the thorax
        • Freeing the arms from the scapula
      • Connecting the back to the pelvis and below
        • Working with rotators
        • Balancing pelvic strain patterns
        • Transitioning the pelvis to the hamstrings and I.T. band and adductors
      • Legs and feet for lateral/medial balance and ankle movement
    • Supine Position
      • Lower body
        • Ankle plantar/dorsi flexion
        • Balancing pronation/supination
        • Knee and upper leg
      • Pelvis and lower abdomen
        • Psoas & Iliacus treatment
      • Shoulder girdle
      • Arms
      • Brief neck and head work.
“Thanks again for the wonderful workshop. I’m incorporating some of what you showed us into my work, and have noticed that my hands never hurt now from massaging, which they used to. I’m looking forwarding to finding the time to read your book now, and am excited that there’s so much to learn. Thank you, Art!” Jules

Terms and Conditions

  • Workshop sizes are limited and reservations will be accepted in the order in which they are received.
  • The workshop will be confirmed in July 2018, please do not book ticket/accommodation prior to conformation


  • Refund with $50 admin fee, if cancellation is notified at least 6 weeks before the workshop
  • 50% Refund if cancellation is notified 3 weeks or later before the workshop
  • Non-refundable if cancellation is notified 2 weeks (or later) before the workshop
  • Full refund if we, for any reason, cancel a workshop.