The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual (2nd Edition)

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Helps you master and apply palpation techniques in massage therapy. This text uses detailed photographic illustrations of muscles as they appear under the skin to give you an understanding of effective palpation.

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The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points, Referral Patterns and Stretching by Joe Muscolino

Second Edition, March 2015

Muscolino’ s comprehensive and visually engaging coverage takes an in-depth look at palpation of muscle and bone along with trigger points and their pain referral patterns, stretching, specific muscle treatment, and more. Amazing four-color artwork shows palpation of the muscle with illustrations drawn over full-color photos. New additions such as review questions, “Deeper Thoughts,” case studies and an Interactive Muscle Program help you develop integrative clinical-reasoning skills and successfully apply palpation techniques in massage therapy.

With more than 1,000 vibrant, full-color illustrations, 544 pages, and over 4 hours of detailed video demonstrations, THE MUSCLE AND BONE PALPATION MANUAL is the most visually engaging way to help you master and successfully apply palpation techniques in massage therapy. This innovative text uses unique, richly detailed photographic illustrations of muscles as they appear under the skin to give you a thorough understanding of effective palpation. This comprehensive guide provides unparalleled preparation for professional success.

No other book offers as much to you as The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual. It contains the most thorough and clear palpation methods accompanied by the highest quality illustrations possible, and it includes video resources demonstrating the palpations, too! Further, it offers a complete set of stretches and trigger point illustrations for the skeletal muscles of the body. With chapters on how to palpate, how to stretch, and understanding trigger points, a complete coverage of the ligaments, a compendium of all major massage strokes and draping methods, and a thorough chapter on body mechanics, The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual will easily take the place of three or four books needed in your library.

New to this edition:

  • NEW! Interactive Muscle Program available on Evolve allows you to see muscle attachments and the relationship among the muscles of the region, easing the process and aiding in retention of material.
  • NEW! Therapist-assisted stretches added to the third section of the text supplies you with a comprehensive look at stretching, with both the existing self-stretches and the assisted stretches presented side-by-side.
  • NEW! A great digital feature that allows the therapist to print out sheets of paper with the self-care stretching figures to give to the client.
  • NEW! Case studies keep your interest level high with the opportunity for integrative, clinical reasoning.
  • NEW! Reformatted Bone Palpation and Ligaments sectionoffers content in a narrative format consistent with the rest of the text for easier navigation.
  • NEW! “Deeper Thoughts” questions actively engage and challenge your reasoning skills.
  • NEW! Review questions allow you to discuss concepts and synthesize important chapter information.

The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual is organized into three parts. Part I covers assessment and treatment techniques. Two chapters are provided that explain the art and science of how to palpate. These chapters simply and clearly explain the guidelines that will help you become an effective and confident palpator. There is also a chapter that explains how to reason out stretches for the muscles of the body, and explains how to perform advanced stretching techniques, such as contract relax (CR) stretching (also known as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation [PNF] stretching), and agonist contract (AC) stretching. Another chapter explains what trigger points are and how they are formed, along with what is likely a treatment method superior to ischemic/sustained compression. Given the crucial importance of body mechanics to the student and therapist, there is also a chapter that offers 10 guidelines that will appreciably improve the efficiency with which you work. Another chapter rounds out logistics of treatment by providing an atlas of massage strokes and draping methods for massage.

Part II is composed of three chapters that cover palpation of the bones, bony landmarks, and joints of the body, as well as covering the ligaments of the body. Effective palpation of the bones and bony landmarks of the body is a crucial first step before muscle palpation can be tackled. Effective palpation of the joints is also a necessary skill for assessment of clients. Each chapter in Part II also contains a thorough set of anterior, posterior, and lateral illustrations, depicting the ligaments of the body.

Part III is the masterpiece of the book. It contains 11 chapters that cover palpation of the skeletal muscles of the body. Each chapter presents a tour of the muscles of a region of the body. For each muscle, a step by step palpation is presented, with the reasoning given for the steps so that the palpation can be understood and easily remembered, instead of being memorized. The illustrations are superbly done with the bones and muscles drawn over photographs of real people, offering the most accurate and clear renderings of the muscles and muscle palpations possible. In addition, a unique muscle stretch illustration is given for each and every muscle covered, as well as trigger point and trigger point referral zone information and illustrations for all the muscles.

Electronic Resources
To enhance muscle palpation illustrations and text in Part III of this book,  video resources contains over 4 hours of video demonstrating the muscle palpations of the book. The video resources contains cameo presentations by some of the most prestigious names in the world of massage therapy education, including:
Tom Myers, Leon Chaitow, Whitney Lowe, Ruth Werner, Benny Vaughn, Bob King, Gil Hedley, Sandy Fritz, Sandra Anderson, Judith DeLany, George Kousaleos, Diana Thompson, Monica Reno, Fiona Rattay, Susan Salvo, Tracy Walton, Bob McAtee, Mike Dixon, Beverly Giroud, Neal Delaporta.