Healing Stone Massage 2


Advanced stone massage techniques using hot and cool stones in five routines.

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Take your stone massage to the next level!
Learn advanced stone massage techniques using hot and cool stones in five routines. SPORTS, MERIDIAN, PRENATAL, LYMPHATIC, & very cool RESTORATIVE YOGA POSTURES WITH STONES AS SELF CARE. The restorative section combines the placement of stones while placing the body in various yoga positions. With clear instruction, great music and useful techniques, this DVD will expand the use of stones in your practice. This DVD demonstrates how easy it would be to incorporate the stones into your practice. Your clients will love it.

DVD Content
Running time: 70 mins
This DVD takes you to a deeper exploration into stone thermotherapy, with 5 sequences:
The Sports massage routine shows how to use stones in a pre-event sports massage, as well as tennis elbow, knee pain and shoulder issues.
The Pregnancy massage routine uses warm stones in a side posture massage.
The Meridian routine provides a foundation layout for the legs in side-posture, and traces 3 meridians in the legs.
The Detoxification routine shows a light-touch stone massage focusing on the lymphatic system and increasing venous return.
The Restorative routine shows 3 restorative postures and how to use hot stones to increase relaxation.

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