Buteyko Clinic Method DVD

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The Buteyko Clinic Method DVD consists of a 90 minutes of footage on Buteyko Breathing Method DVD, a book, and a CD. It is the most detailed and thorough instruction of the Buteyko Method available in DVD and book format. Updated 2016 Edition

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Product Description

Practise alongside internationally acclaimed author and Buteyko practitioner Patrick McKeown as he guides you through the Buteyko Clinic Method with easy-to-understand instructions and practical demonstration.

The key to improving body oxygenation is not taking a deep breaths. In fact, you should be doing the complete opposite. Learn how to improve blood circulation and increase delivery of oxygen in the body with simple reduced breathing techniques and enjoy better lifelong health.

Breathing re-education targets the root cause of numerous common conditions, including stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, asthma and sleep-disordered breathing. Reduce and eradicate symptoms with gentle breathing exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. The Buteyko Method is fully accessible and highly effective, producing noticeable results in as little as seven days.

Patrick McKeown is one of few people in the Western world to have been accredited by the late Dr K. P. Buteyko and is considered a foremost authority on the Buteyko Method.

  • For high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, chronic hyperventilation, asthma, snoring, and sleep apnea
  • Learn alongside Internationally renowned author and Buteyko practitioner Patrick McKeown
  • 90min DVD, CD and Manual by Patrick McKeown
  • Professionally produced, recorded and edited DVD, Book and CD
  • Apply the complete course immediately

What is Buteyko Breathing Techniques?
Buteyko breathing techniques (BBT) suggest that hyperventilation resulting in ow carbon dioxide levels in the blood (hypocapnia) is a major contributor to the pathophysiology of asthma. Buteyko exercises designed to The Buteyko method retrained the body’s breathing pattern to correct for chronic hyperventilation and hypocapnea.

About the Author:
Patrick McKeown is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the Buteyko Breathing Clinic of Russia. Patrick was a chronic asthmatic for most of his life. By correcting his breathing volume, he eliminated his asthma attacks and freed himself from his asthma condition. He is one of a few Western experts and the only practitioner in Ireland who is directly authorised and accredited by the Late Professor Buteyko to teach this method. Patrick’s training in Russia has been complemented by his own research, in consulting with asthma specialists from different parts of the world, and through his experience of working with asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis/hay fever, and emphysema patients from all parts of Ireland, UK, Denmark, Holland and the USA. Asthma Care clinics are now available from eight countries worldwide.

DVD contents

Chapter 1: Buteyko Clinic Method

Exercise 1: Decongest your nose easily
Decongest your nose easily
Measure the pulse and Control pause
First steps to better breathing
Exercise 2: Reduced Breathing by:
Relaxation and awareness to create air shortage
Blocking one nostril to create air shortage
Cupping hands to create air shortage
breathing Advanced
Measure Final Control Pause
Exercise 3: Walking with mouth closed
Exercise 4a: Physical exercise with short breath holds
Exercise 4 b: Physical exercise with medium to strong breath holds
Exercise 5: Steps exercise for children and healthy adults
Exercise 6: Many Small Breath Holds to stop anxiety, asthma or panic attack

Chapter 2: Lifestyle Factors Getting a great night’s sleep
Foods that help, foods that hurt

Chapter 3: Tailoring Buteyko to your needs
Programme for older person, low control pause or unwell
Programme for high blood pressure, panic attack, sleep apnoea and anxiety
Programme for children and teenagers
Programme for busy adults