Yoga: Spirit of Vinyasa Flow


Take your Practice to the next level with this advanced workout! Get inspired with this dynamic and energizing practice!

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Invigorate your practice!

Get inspired with this dynamic and energizing practice! This comprehensive Yoga DVD features one 39 minute sequence and two 70 minute sequences. These 3 powerful routines combine breath and movement into one continual yoga flow that will lengthen, strengthen and help rejuvenate your body and spirit! Also included is our unique Yoga Pose Guide section: a valuable resource that gives detailed instruction on 20 poses including proper positioning, common mistakes, pose benefits, and contraindications. This means that you can study proper alignment and positioning in one section, then enjoy and flow during the main sequences.

Deb’s insightful teaching and vital practice will take your yoga to new levels! This Yoga DVD is intermediate to advanced level.

Wide leg fold, Triangle, Forward Warrior, Warrior 2, Extended Warrior, Low Lunge, High Lunge Twist, Pyramid, Half Moon, Cobra, Locust variation, Up dog, Forward Fold, Dead Fish foot, Attitude, Lines of Energy, Using blanket, Seated Fold, Head to Toe, Pigeon.

Level: Advanced
6 sequences
3.5 hours of yoga, High Definition
23 Pose “Pose Guide”

About the Instructor: Deb Dobbin
As one of Santa Barbara’s most loved and respected teachers, Deb Dobbin’s students often refer to her classes as transformational, humorous, creative and profoundly powerful. She has taught Vinyasa yoga for 18 years, studying with masters like Erich Schiffmann and Sarah Powers, as well as Ganga and Tracy White. Drawing on Ashtanga, Iyengar and Yin Yoga traditions, she weaves the gifts offered by her mentors into a potent and unique style of teaching.
Deb is most recognized for inspiring her students to take responsibility for their practices, while coaching them to translate their learning into every area of their lives. She boldly addresses the habits that impact their everyday lives, and challenges them to shift their limiting beliefs to generate courage, full self-expression and self-realization.

She is the author of Yoga DVD: Spirit of Vinyasa Flow

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