Structural Massage Online Video

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Product Description

Structural massage with Sean Riehl shows you how to apply massage techniques to combat pain and increase Range of Motion.  Structural Massage is defined as bodywork that includes a simple full body ROM assessment followed by work to increase joint motion using static pressure, static pressure with passive and active motion, active resistance, and then retesting after the work is complete. The final part is working on the client in the seated position.

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This video course combines an easy range of motion full body assessment, with techniques that include applying pressure while moving the joint through its range. Each joint in the body is tested, and then specific techniques are applied to joints with limited motion. Finally, we show highly effective ways of working while your client is seated.


  • Welcome to Structural Massage (Preview)
  • ROM Evaluation
  • Wrist1: Limited extension
  • Wrist2: Limited flexion (Preview)
  • Wrist3: Limited supination
  • Wrist4: Limited pronation
  • Wrist5: Thumb flexors
  • Elbow1: Introduction and testing
  • Elbow2: Limited flexion
  • Elbow3: Limited extension
  • Shoulder1: Limited external rotation
  • Shoulder2: Limited internal rotation
  • Shoulder3: Abduction
  • Shoulder4: Forward shoulder
  • Shoulder: Strength testing
  • Neck1: Introduction and testing
  • Neck2: Rotation
  • Neck3: Limited lateral flexion
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Back-Pelvis1: Testing
  • Back-Pelvis2: Upslip and downslip treatment
  • Back-Pelvis3: Limited Internal or external hip rotation
  • Back-Pelvis4: Erector treatment
  • Back-Pelvis5: Limited side bending
  • Back-Pelvis6: Hip flexors
  • Knee1: Limited flexion
  • Knee2: Limited extension
  • Ankle1: Introduction and testing
  • Ankle2: Limited plantar flexion
  • Ankle3: Limited dorsi flexion
  • Ankle4: Limited supination
  • Ankle5: Limited pronation
  • Ankle6: Ligaments
  • Ankle7: Tendons

structural-massage-100x100 Order here, Cost US$54.96