Fundamental Massage

In collaboration with Real Bodywork, we now offer Online Videos that can be streamed to your laptop, tablets, and smart phones. Offering new Online learning experience. Learn Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Anatomy, Reflexology and more.

Product Description

Master new massage technique online today. Instant Access. Forever. Print a Certificate of Completion. The Exact Same Content as the DVDs.


Therapeutic Massage online

4 Lessons US$19.95
This video shows 3 massage routines utilizing 90 techniques. You will learn a clothed compression routine, Swedish relaxation sequence, and a detailed muscular sequence. Contraindications, using oil, appropriate draping and self care for the practitioner are included.


Easy anatomy online

15 Lessons US$34.95
Our easy anatomy course includes all the video footage from our Anatomy and Pathology for Bodyworkers DVD, plus 4 brief lessons on the muscles of various body areas, plus 6 lessons on go into more detail on each body area. Almost 3 hours of video.

Heal Your Wrist Pain 0nline

6 Lessons US$12.95
Once you know where your pain is coming from, then you will learn simple and effective techniques that you can use to heal yourself. Presented in a clear and concise manner, this video is a must-see for anyone with occasional or chronic hand pain, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, or anyone working in a hand-intensive occupation.


Mastering Thai Massage

6 Lessons US$34.95
This beautifully filmed online class features over 3 hours of instruction and over 170 detailed techniques. Each technique is clearly demonstrated showing proper alignment, positioning and proper body mechanics so that pressure can be applied effectively and effortlessly. The sequences are divided into prone, supine, sidelying and seated. In each sequence you will learn to use your hands, forearms, knees, legs, and feet to bring the receiver into a deep state of relaxation.


Integrative Massage

3 Lessons US$49.95
This course includes our 3 integrative massage videos, and includes 4 hours of footage. Each lesson has a specific sequence and technique focus. These are videos that you follow along with the routine, there is no lecture portion. The sequences include various techniques integrated into one sequence. This class is a great way to get inspired and see some new techniques. If you are just starting massage, this course will really help you put together a session.

reflexology dvd cover

Reflexology Online

Learn to give a wonderful foot and hand massage incorporating reflexology. This informative class covers 8 lessons that teach you how to give a great foot and hand Reflexology session.
8 Lessons US$19.95