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This DVD is a comprehensive introduction to the art of massage and to the acupressure points, channels, and meridians in the human body.

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The practice of qigong massage is one of the oldest methods of healing, built upon five thousand years of study and a highly refined, solid theoretical foundation. Used to improve health, slow down aging, and prevent and treat many types of illnesses, Qigong massage is a vast healing science, and it is the root of many other popular forms of massage therapy.

This DVD is a comprehensive introduction to the art of massage and to the acupressure points, channels, and meridians in the human body. It presents the fundamental techniques and theories of Qigong massage that therapists can use to enhance their skills, and deepen their knowledge and application of Qi (energetic) healing.
Not only for therapists, novices will find the instruction practical and useful for recovering from fatigue, aches, pains, tension, and stress. A complete section on Self-Massage is presented to help those who lack a partner or therapist.

This 190 minutes DVD contains 70 minutes of Self-Massage instruction, and 120 minutes of Two-Person whole body massage techniques. An additional DVD-only introduction segment offers a complete overview of the concepts of Qi and Qigong. This DVD also provides a glossary of Chinese qigong massage terminology.

DVD Special Features: Over 100 Scene Selections • Narration: English, French • Multi –Language Menus & Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese, Polish

DVD Contents
(1) Qi and QiGong: Understanding Qi & QiGong, The 3 Dan Tians, Cell Replacement, Qi Circulatory System
(2) Self Massage : Purposes, Pathways, Techniques, Self massage of the body, self massage of the internal organs, massaging internal organs with movement
(3) Massage Sequence: Purposes, Important Points, Pathways, 38 massage techniques, massage sequence: head & Neck, back & front of lower limbs, upper limbs, chest & abdomens.
(4) Glossary



Jason Panick, KO-reviews.com
“I would recommend this DVD highly to practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts. Anyone doing a lot of strenuous exercise could benefit from a good massage and with the theory and expertise behind this, many will find it beneficial.
This DVD received 5 stars because it is simply an academic masterpiece combined with applicable material. There are GREAT martial arts DVDs out there. But I have not found one person who puts out better DVDs than YMAA. They are the absolute finest quality of production and technical data. Sometimes packed with HOURS of additional seminar and lecture footage.”

Patrick H. Dickson “TAIJIQUAN.COM” (Cupertino, CA)
The amount of information on this DVD is incredible. This is a very complete and thorough introduction to Qigong Massage. I’m sure many people will watch this DVD and beg to differ with my calling it an introduction, as the amount of information on the DVD can occupy a viewer for years.
Prior to any information on massage, the viewer is treated to a lengthy explanation of Qigong, breathing and the various methods that can enable the viewer to carry out the numerous techniques on this video. the introduction is very well thought out and is helpful to beginners and experienced practitioners.
Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming explains how to use your breath to switch between yin and yang and how to balance the yin and yang in your body. Massage techniques that can bring the Qi to the extremities or send the Qi to the bones are shown and the differences explained. The video uses extensive and professionally produced animation to demonstrate various points and techniques. As always, the production quality of the video is up to the high standards that Dr. Yang has set over the years.

About The Instructor
Yang, Jwing-Ming Ph.D., is a renowned author and teacher of Chinese martial arts and Qigong. Born in Taiwan, he has trained and taught Taiji, Qigong and Chinese martial arts for over forty-five years. He is the author of over thirty books, and was elected by Inside Kung Fu magazine as one of the 10 people who has “made the greatest impact on martial arts in the past 100 years.” Dr. Yang lives in Newton, Massachusetts. Dr Yang was named MAN OF THE YEAR 2007 by “INSIDE KING FU”

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