Digital Clinical Orthopedic Massage Therapy

Dr Joe Muscolino offers Online Videos and Digital contents that can be streamed to your laptop, tablets, and smart phones. Offering new Online learning experience on manual therapy assessment, treatments, stretching and more!

Product Description


Digital Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (Digital COMT)

Dr. Joe Muscolino is proud to announce the creation of Digital COMT!

Subscription cost: Just US$14.95 per month for complete access to all Digital COMT content!  Subscribe to Dr Joe’s Digital COMT click here

Digital COMT is a new streaming subscription service that gives you access to all of Dr. Joe Muscolino’s videos on assessment and treatment techniques, as well as anatomy and physiology (kinesiology), for manual and movement therapists, students, and teachers.


Digital COMT will have all of the video content of Dr. Joe’s DVDs (over 30 hours of content!).

You will also have Dr Joe’s Neck and Low Back/Pelvis treatment books as well as all his published articles in PDF format.

Further, Dr. Joe will be adding video content to Digital COMT every week; so new content will constantly be available for you to access and use in your practice.

These video clips will be organized into the following content areas:

  • Manual Therapy Assessment Skills
  • Manual Therapy Treatment Skills
  • Case Studies in Clinical Reasoning
  • Marrying Science with Hands-On (The Value of Anatomy)
  • Review of Anatomy and Physiology (Kinesiology)
  • Tips for Students
  • Tips for Teachers
  • Miscellaneous

If you have been meaning to get to Dr. Joe’s COMT workshops but have not been able to due to time, distance, or cost, Digital COMT is the next best thing. Digital COMT will offer you the gamut of content from short and quick ‘pearls of wisdom’ to thorough explanations of clinical orthopedic manual therapy assessment and treatment techniques for manual and movement therapy.

The philosophy of COMT is to foster critical thinking so that you are empowered to creatively apply your treatment techniques!

Subscription cost: Just US$14.95 per month for complete access to all Digital COMT content!

With an Internet connection, you will have access to Digital COMT anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Subscribe to Dr Joe’s Digital COMT click here