Healing Sound: Wood


Featuring the pure, potent and natural musical vibrations Ancient Wisdom and Modern Sounds for Health and Healing. The music is historically attuned for superior psychobiological effect, helping to deeply relax the listener and balance the flow of bio-energy in their system.

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About Healing Sound
The utilization of specific sounds to affect human health and human bio-energy (Qi) systems has been a part of the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine for over 3000 years. According to theories of healing sounds practice, certain sounds (vibrations) correspond to specific organs, glands and energy channels of the body and mind. Throughout Chinese history, renowned healers applied the five musical tones associated with the Five Elements and their associated five internal organs to treat illness and maintain good health.

This merging of ancient wisdom and contemporary science is the basis for this musical composition, whose purpose is to provide not only a delightful musical experience but to enhance health, facilitate the smooth flow of bio-energy through body & mind, relieve stress, and contribute to a general sense of well- being and relaxation. This album was produced by Yuval Ron and Dr. Richard Gold.


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