Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Move Your Body


Find out why some people are naturally more stretchy than others.  What is fascia, and how can it be re-shaped in stretching?  Learn Suzanne’s new moving stretches with easy to see follow photographs and technique tips. Created by Suzanne Wylde for anyone who wants to stretch, regardless of how inflexible, or inflexible they are, these stretches are easy to pick up and fun to use. The Moving Stretch book takes you through some interesting information on stretching, fascia, resistance stretching, how to assess your own flexibility and even has a section on motivating you to stretch!

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Product Description

Moving Stretch is an effective, powerful and fun way of freeing the body from hunching, restriction and even pain. In our sedentary lives, we often neglect our bodies and develop a range of physical issues including poor posture, fatigue, low range of motion, pain and even early signs of aging. But what if you could change visibly with only 10-20 minutes of stretching a day? So often we think of stretching as boring or something we “should get around to”, but never do. But Moving Stretch is different because it is a lot more fun, satisfying and effective than “normal” stretching. Even a short stretching session can yield benefits that may last the whole day, making everything a little bit better.

Moving Stretch is a new form of resistance stretching and its secret formula is to combine movement and tension within each stretch, like an animal does, or like we do when we yawn and stretch. This helps us to work on our fascia, reconditioning it and releasing any areas which are tight and stuck. Our fascia is basically dense connective tissue, which is like a wetsuit under our skin that makes us the shape that we are, holding everything in place. If it is in good condition then we feel free, tall, strong and open, but if it is too tight, thick or stuck together in places, then it can limit our movements, make us hunch over, cause pain and even make us look older by pulling down on our face. Moving with tension engages the fascia, re-shapes, and releases it, freeing us to be ourselves again.