Spinal Manipulation Made Simple: A Manual of Soft Tissue Techniques


Written by an expert on alternative bodywork, this book presents techniques for manipulating the soft tissues of the back in a safe, simple manner. The method avoids the high velocity, low amplitude thrusting techniques employed by chiropractors. Instead, it utilizes the intuitive sense of somatic bodyworkers combined with the proven theory and technique of Rolfing to provide safe and effective treatment.

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Written for soft-tissue practitioners, this manual gives thorough instructions on how to elegantly and easily release joint restrictions in the spine, sacrum, pelvis, and ribs using soft-tissue techniques rather than high velocity, low amplitude thrusting techniques that “pop” the joints. Generously illustrated with photographs and drawings, it also provides one of the easiest to understand explanations of biomechanics in print.

Jeffrey Maitland shares his spinal correction via manipulation of soft tissues as opposed to chiropractor’s direct thrust adjustment. Using myofascial release, Jeff reveals techniques for releasing joint fixations at the root of common soft-tissue pain syndromes. restrictions in the facets. Jeff with his philosophy background is ingenious in writing, reader is able to follow complicated routines as a story. Jeff first explained the spinal mechanics, testing procedures, then unveils various secrets of releasing joint fixations at cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum & ribcage, from indirect unwinding to more direct facet challenging techniques. A special focus is given on back pain. Jeffrey’s skill in storytelling truly made readers to be able to follow the techniques as simple as possible.

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About the Author
Jeffrey Maitland, a certified Advanced Rolfer® and Advanced Instructor, is one of seven Advanced Rolfing® instructors who teaches Rolfers and other healthcare professionals in the United States, Europe and Brazil.
He was Faculty Chairman and Director of Academic Affairs for the International Rolf Institute. Dr. Maitland is also a Board Certified Diplomate in The American Academy of Pain Management and a Philosophical Counselor.
Prior to becoming a Rolfer, Dr. Maitland was a professor of philosophy at Purdue University for 13 years. After experiencing the dramatic results of being Rolfed for a debilitating back problem, he gave up his tenured position to pursue a career in Rolfing.