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Massage Therapist Practice: Start, Sustain, Succeed


Massage Therapist Practice offers practical insight and experience for the practitioner working with other practitioners, wishing to generate secondary sources of income or preparing to retire and sell her/his practice.

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Product Description

Massage Therapist Practice by Donald Q. Dillon offers practical insight and experience for the practitioner working with other practitioners, wishing to generate secondary sources of income or preparing to retire and sell her/his practice. A comprehensive picture is painted of the massage profession’s past, present challenges and future opportunities, and an entire chapter is included particularly for the entry-level practitioner.

This book will reveal:

  • Where massage practitioners should look for opportunities in the new economy.
  • Common (often disastrous!) convictions that doom massage business relationships.
  • Financial facts and fictions in operating a massage business.
  • The elephant in the room – the primary (and unidentified) source of tension in negotiating financial terms.
  • Strategies for turning around unprofitable business agreements.
  • Benefits of the employer/employee model over contractor model.
  • Learn how massage business owners can reduce turnover and grow profit margins.
  • Why you don’t earn enough money as a contractor massage practitioner, and how you can.
  • Why straight-percentage agreements are problematic.
  • Managers: Cultivate loyalty, longevity and productivity in your associates.
  • Practitioners: Increase your value, leverage and income in negotiating business agreements.
  • Practical and profitable models for practitioners working together.
  • Legal implications of contract clauses
  • 12 profitable, low- or no-hands-on, industry-related secondary sources of income.
  • Points to consider when buying or selling a massage therapy business.
  • Valuating your business.
  • 12 practice development essays for entry-level practitioners.

Massage Therapy Practice Overview:

  • Past, Present and Prophecy – How the massage profession’s past and present is shaping its future…and how you need to prepare.
  • Practitioner Becomes Manager – Explore common problems in working relationships between massage business managers and their contracting/employed associates and create win-win agreements.
  • Generate Other Sources of Income – Mitigate the wear-and-tear of labour-intensive practice with 12 industry-related profitable means.
  • The End in Mind – Your practice is an asset beyond the physical equipment. Prepare for the day you will sell your business for retirement income and opportunity.
  • Thoughts on Entry-Level Practice – Twelve articles and a wealth of information for practitioners starting out, and for the massage business managers that need to train them.

“This book highlights the common pitfalls and goes a long way to answer all the questions you should (or should have asked) when entering a business environment. For a business book I found it well referenced with lots of useful website information. One of the highlights is the inspiring quotes throughout the book. Additionally I like the simple language used which makes it an easy read with great real world applications. ” Reviewed by Jason Patten, Senior Educator & Program Manager, School of Life & Physical Sciences, RMIT University Melbourne. AAMT Journal Winter 2012

About the author
“I remember clearly the moment I decided I must succeed if I was to continue practicing bodywork. I had struggled for more than a year in a new city trying to build a practice. My initial tenure with a business-savvy chiropractor provided the business model I needed to jump-start my practice and quickly get me busy. Within a year, I left that chiropractor’s business, believing I would do better on my own. I didn’t.
The high rent I had paid the chiropractor was for established contacts, operating systems and promotion campaigns I did not have. With my wife pregnant with our first child, I had to figure out how to make a living in the business of healing…quickly. Today my income is happily almost seven times that of my initial year in practice.”
Two decades of my experience and engaging talented massage therapists have resulted in a book designed for the seasoned massage therapist who wishes to go beyond time and labour-intensive hands-on care to create other sources of income. If you’re an entry-level practitioner, this book will help you fast-track your business education.