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  • blackroll_trainer

    Blackroll Trainer Certification


    The course is a unique education program that offers deep insights into the latest developments in the area of fascia activation, movement/mobility, recovery and functional training. The full-day course includes theoretical and practical elements including relevant certification assessments. The course is focused on a holistic assessment approach to the myofascial structures in the body and builds upon functional movement essentials.


    • Perth: Friday, 6th October 2017 (Venue: Goodlife Cannington, 1355 ALBANY HWY, CANNINGTON, 6107, WA)
    • Adelaide: Saturday 25th November 2017
, Advanced Physiotherapy Suite 3-7, Charles St Plaza, Adelaide (CBD), SA, 5000


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  • pelvic

    Fascia of the pelvic floor


    This course is an invitation to all who love movement and would like to learn more about the modern training concept of the pelvic floor. Learn modern fascia research that includes the important role of the elastic collagenous tissues to foster a resilient and healthy pelvic floor that is Elastic, Powerful, Blissful.

    Sydney, 21 October 2016

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    Fascial Fitness Intro

    $595.00 $545.00

    Based on the Latest Research in Fascia, A new approach to train your fascial web.
    Conventional training has been emphasizing on muscles, cardiovascular fitness and coordination. However, most of the injuries occur in the connective tissues. Research is showing that training the neuromyofascial web should be explored further. Fascial Fitness will show you how to train the connective tissues to prevent and repair damage and to build elasticity and resilience into the body. This workshop series is the only training program for the development of supple, flexible and strong connective tissue!

    Sydney, 16-17 November 2018

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    Fascial Fitness Trainer Course

    $575.00 $535.00

    Become a certified Fascial Fitness Instructor!

    This Trainer Course is open to all who have completed a 2-day Fascial Fitness introduction course.

    This course offers advanced Fascial Fitness practical exercises and emphasizes teaching skills. As a holistic training approach, Fascial Fitness offers an inspiring expansion of well-known and successfully applied sports and movement programs, which focus on prevention, fitness and rehabilitation. Instructor: Divo Muller

    Sydney, 18-19 November 2018. Take Advantage of the Early-bird Fee !

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    Fascial Toning

    $550.00 $510.00

    Fascial training to tonify connective tissues. Here the seven most essential fascial chains are toned and strengthened optimally in a whole-body workout. Each chain is trained in a series of exercises according to these four power principles: > sensory refinement > rebound elasticity  > muscular toning > fluid rehydration. You can look forward to its benefits like a beautiful body shape with lean and well-defined muscles.

    Sydney, 22-23 October 2016

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