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    Advanced Myofascial Release

    $59.95 $47.95

    Continues the beginning video with even more great Myofascial techniques! This DVD will show you how to evaluate postural distortions, and use Myofascial Release to bring the body into balance.

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    Advanced Myofascial Techniques – Neck, Jaw and Head

    $89.00 $69.95

    Learn Advanced Myofascial Techniques for relieving neck pain and balancing neck function, working with fixations, whiplash, migraines, jaw issues, and more.

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    Advanced Myofascial Techniques – Spine & Lower Back

    $89.00 $60.95

    Learn advanced techniques that significantly improve the skills for relieving chronic back pain and spinal fixations, easing diaphragm and rib issues, increasing spine mobility, and more.

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    Advanced Myofascial Techniques – Volume 1 & 2

    $140.00 $119.95

    The long-awaited books is two beautiful, information-packed guides to highly effective manual therapy techniques.  Volume 1 is on Shoulder, Pelvis, Leg & Foot. Volume 2 Focusing on conditions of the neck, head, spine and ribs. With clear step-by-step instructions and spectacular illustrations, each volume is a valuable collection of hands-on approaches for restoring function, refining proprioception, and decreasing pain. Invaluable for practitioners, teachers, and students of hands-on manual therapies.

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    Advanced Myofascial Techniques: TMJ & Jaw Issues

    $79.95 $60.95

    This DVD shows the complete way to learn advanced myofascial techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work safely and effectively with jaw and TMJ pain, TMJD, bite and alignment issues, ear and sinus complaints, and more.

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    Anatomy & Pathology for Bodyworkers

    $54.95 $45.95

    Vital information that every therapist should know! Learn the function and anatomy of each system, corresponding diseases and disorders, & examples of bodywork techniques that affect each system. Journey through the skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and muscular systems. This video has hundreds of images and animations to make learning easy and fun!

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    Anatomy in Black


    A sophisticated coffee table book for anatomy lovers. The book comprehensively leads the reader through the human body in seven chapters dedicated to each area of the human body. It covers the same level of detail and content with each illustration as a standard academic anatomy book.

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    Ayurvedic Face Massage & Shirodara

    $44.00 $35.20

    Learn how to evaluate each client according to the ancient Ayurvedic principle of the doshas; Vata, Pita and Kapha. Then learn one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments- Shirodara. Your clients will love the warm stream of oil as it soothes the mind. Next K.P. will lead you step by step through a face and neck massage according to Ayurvedic principles!

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    Beginning Myofascial Release

    $59.95 $47.95

    Explore the magic of Myofascial Release. Eight lessons that cover the history, anatomy, and foundation techniques throughout the body. Gentle & effective, and works when other techniques don’t.

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    Benefits of Massage – Waiting Room DVD

    $39.00 $33.00

    Educate your clients while they wait with this looping promotional DVD! This 12 minute loop is beautifully filmed and discusses the latest research on massage, and includes a subtitled version so you can play it silently if you choose. Presented in a widescreen format to fit modern flat-screen televisions.

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    Body Mechanics for Manual Therapy: Neck & Back Treatment

    $69.00 $59.95

    Learn proper body mechanics for working the neck and back. Body mechanics are demonstrated and explained fro deep pressure soft tissue manipulation, stretching and joint mobilization techniques. Dr. Joe Muscolino will show you how to work from your core, so you work smarter instead of harder.

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    Buteyko Clinic Method DVD

    $59.95 $55.00

    The Buteyko Clinic Method DVD consists of a 90 minutes of footage on Buteyko Breathing Method DVD, a book, and a CD. It is the most detailed and thorough instruction of the Buteyko Method available in DVD and book format. Updated 2016 Edition

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