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  • piriformis

    Piriformis Poster


    Piriformis poster at a large size 60 x 84 cm

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  • Pre-Pilates-DVD-cover

    Pre-Pilates and Beginner Pilates


    This video is a guide to the basic and preliminary exercises of the traditional Pilates Method of body conditioning by Simona Cipriani. It is an excellent wellness program for anyone who needs guidance and motivation beginning an exercise program or anyone who wants an alternative to a gym setting. This DVD is also an excellent way for Pilates Instructors to be able to describe and explain in detail Pilates exercises for clients who need extra guidance.

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    Somatics in Action


    The book integrates the Pilates principle of strengthening abdominal and spinal musculature to support postural stability and balance with alignment-based yoga’s principle of proper physical placement and an understanding of anatomical structure. Three additional concepts include imagery, experiential anatomy, and body integration.

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  • spine

    Spine and Joint Articulation for Manual Therapists


    The book focuses on the practical application of articulation and mobilisation techniques with clear explanations and visual support of the techniques. Techniques are described for all body regions. This book covers a variety of best practise techniques for all areas of the body.

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  • stretch_2_win

    Stretch to Win – 2nd Edition


    This proven program used by today’s top athletes, coaches, trainers, and therapists will improve flexibility, reduce injury, and optimize performance. The new edition includes the latest research, new flexibility assessments, new stretching matrix, and dozens of the most effective stretches to personalize a program for any athlete, sport, or event.

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    The Concise Book of Dry Needling

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    Provides accurate and essential information for the identification and treatment of myofascial trigger points through dry needling.  Skilled palpation techniques supported by the ability to observe anatomical landmarks are essential to avoid vital structures that could result in injury or additional pain.

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  • Hot

    Thumbsavers Advance


    The Thumbsavers Advance takes all of the features of the Thumbsavers Classic to a whole new level. Several engineering enhancements that were not possible when first conceived help make this the most advanced worn therapeutic aid on the market today. Advanced Sensitive Tip, Improved Venting & Comfort Fit Opening

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  • Advanced-AMt-DVD-cover

    Traditional Pilates – Intermediate and Advanced Mat


    Simona Cipriani presents this 2 DVD set, a guide to the Intermediate and Advanced Mat exercises of the traditional Pilates Method of body conditioning.

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  • unwinding-the-spine

    Unwinding the Spine


    This DVD teaches you techniques for the outer and the inner muscles of the spine, to free the movement and coordinate the spine with the limbs. Get on top of all things spinal with Tom’ Myers’ 40 years of experience, making it easy for you to evoke effective change safely and confidently.

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Showing 37–45 of 45 results