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    Advanced Myofascial Techniques: Knee

    $91.00 $69.95

    This DVD shows the complete way to learn advanced myofascial techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work safely and effectively with knee issues.

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    Advanced Myofascial Techniques: Sciatica

    $79.00 $69.95

    This DVD shows the complete way to learn advanced myofascial techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work safely and effectively with Sciatica, Pseudo-sciatica, and sciatic pain; Hamstring Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, related lumbar disc issues; and more.

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  • AT-dvd-bundle

    Anatomy Trains Regional Treatment Series


    The most complete regional manual therapy technique bundle from Anatomy Trains! Includes the 5  titles from Tom Myers.  Almost 20 hours of manual therapy technique on 8 DVDs!Unwinding the Spine, Understanding Feet and Legs, Balancing the Pelvis, Opening the Breath, Easing the Neck 

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  • barral_abdomen

    Barral’s Advanced Visceral Manipulation Series


    The Advanced Visceral Manipulation series by Jean-Pierre Barral features detailed anatomical explanations and Visceral Manipulation treatment demonstrations for the Abdomen and Thorax. It contains 3 DVD titles: Abdomen 1, Abdomen 2 and the Thorax.

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  • duoball_sm

    BlackRoll DuoBall


    A clever tool for relief of back pain, neck pain, tight calfs, quads and achilles tendon problems.

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  • black_posture



    The BLACKROLL® POSTURE harness has been designed in Sweden and is a highly-effective accessory that supports and enables better posture in pretty much every life situation. No matter if at home, at work, driving a car, at the gym or during sports and rehab, the POSTURE will ensure a healthy and upright upper body alignment

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  • twister



    Small but great: the TWISTER is BLACKROLL®’s new secret weapon.  The special studded surface and ergonomic concise curve of the TWISTER allow for a new targeted stimulation.

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  • BLACKROLL_white_small__Sebastian_Schoffel_00042_1024x1024



    The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER comes now in a SET with a free BLACKROLL® SLIM.  You get two highly effective tools for the price of one, so you can start rolling straight away! The BOOSTER is a vibrating core, designed to fit in any 30cm BLACKROLL® foam roller and boost its effectiveness.

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  • BLACKROLL_band_set



    The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND is made from skin-friendly textile interwoven with latex free natural rubber and ideal for training smaller muscle chains. It helps to get better body statics and will reduce the risk of injuries.

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  • mini_roll



    The unique mini foam roller that gets into places where others don’t, for effective self-massage of feet, legs, arms, shoulders, neck and other body parts – a perfect tool for plantar fascia release. Convenient for travel – small and light

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  • BLACKROLL_multiband



    The MULTIBAND is ideal for mobilization as well as strength and flexibility training with no unpleasant pulling on the skin thanks to skin-friendly textiles which are a unique patented textile material guaranteeing high-comfort training as we say farewell to rubber!

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  • BLACKROLL_resist_band



    The BLACKROLL® RESIST BAND (approx. 190 cm) was developed to make the innovation in modern athletics training accessible to all.

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