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  • 9780143787730

    A Fat Lot of Good


    How to outsmart bad health advice and make simple changes for long-lasting energy, weight loss and wellbeing.

    In A Fat Lot of Good, Dr Brukner busts the dietary myths we’ve been living by for decades and gives you all the information you need, in as simple a way as possible, to live a longer, healthier and – most importantly – more enjoyable life. Peter Brukner, former doctor to the Australian cricket team and Liverpool FC, spent decades giving established dietary advice to some of the best athletes in the world.But his own brush with poor health led him to reconsider the standard guidelines. Peter’s intense research saw him switch to eating the fatty foods he had always been told to avoid, and in the process he lost 13 kilograms in three months, lowered his insulin levels and drastically improved his liver function.

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    Advanced Myofascial Techniques: Scoliosis


    This DVD shows the complete way to learn advanced myofascial techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work safely and effectively with Scoliosis issues.

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  • AiB

    Anatomy in Black, new edition


    A sophisticated coffee table book for anatomy lovers. This new edition comprehensively leads the reader through the human body in seven chapters dedicated to each area of the human body. It covers the same level of detail and content with each illustration as a standard academic anatomy book.

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  • ArtofMATDVDs

    Art of MAT


    Take an inside look at Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques in action as you watch Erik Dalton and senior trainer Paul Kelly treatreal people with real problems. This long awaited course is the final step in your quest for Master Myoskeletal Technqiues.

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  • barral_abdomen

    Barral’s Advanced Visceral Manipulation Series


    The Advanced Visceral Manipulation series by Jean-Pierre Barral features detailed anatomical explanations and Visceral Manipulation treatment demonstrations for the Abdomen and Thorax. It contains 3 DVD titles: Abdomen 1, Abdomen 2 and the Thorax.

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  • SCARR_COVER_2E-110918-Website

    Biotensegrity – Second edition


    This book explains the basic principles of biotensegrity and explores our understanding of anatomy and physiology in the light of the latest research findings.

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  • black_posture



    The BLACKROLL® POSTURE harness has been designed in Sweden and is a highly-effective accessory that supports and enables better posture in pretty much every life situation. No matter if at home, at work, driving a car, at the gym or during sports and rehab, the POSTURE will ensure a healthy and upright upper body alignment

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  • twister



    Small but great: the TWISTER is BLACKROLL®’s new secret weapon.  The special studded surface and ergonomic concise curve of the TWISTER allow for a new targeted stimulation.

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  • Athletes_Kit_1024x1024



    The BLACKROLL® ATHLETES KIT is the ultimate set for anyone with passion and ambitious goals in professional or recreational sports.

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  • BLACKROLL_white_small_SebastianSchoffel-7342_1024x1024 (1)



    Small clever and effective, the BLACKROLL® BLACKBOX MINI SET includes all the small favourites finally together in one set:

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  • BLACKROLL_white_small-57277_1024x1024



    Clever and effective, the BLACKROLL® BLACKBOX SET includes all the favourites finally together in one box set: BLACKROLL® STANDARD, BLACKROLL® MINI, BLACKROLL® BALL 08, and BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 (all products in black color). Ideal for holistic fascia training including SMT, activation and recovery. Work on the entire body and also targeting specific pain points throughout the body including feet, lower back neck, arms and shoulders.

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  • BLACKROLL_white_small__Sebastian_Schoffel_00042_1024x1024



    The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER comes now in a SET with a free BLACKROLL® SLIM.  You get two highly effective tools for the price of one, so you can start rolling straight away! The BOOSTER is a vibrating core, designed to fit in any 30cm BLACKROLL® foam roller and boost its effectiveness.

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