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  • BLACKROLL_band_set



    The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND is made from skin-friendly textile interwoven with latex free natural rubber and ideal for training smaller muscle chains. It helps to get better body statics and will reduce the risk of injuries.

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  • mini_roll



    The unique mini foam roller that gets into places where others don’t, for effective self-massage of feet, legs, arms, shoulders, neck and other body parts – a perfect tool for plantar fascia release. Convenient for travel – small and light

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  • BLACKROLL_multiband



    The MULTIBAND is ideal for mobilization as well as strength and flexibility training with no unpleasant pulling on the skin thanks to skin-friendly textiles which are a unique patented textile material guaranteeing high-comfort training as we say farewell to rubber!

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  • BLACKROLL_resist_band



    The BLACKROLL® RESIST BAND (approx. 190 cm) was developed to make the innovation in modern athletics training accessible to all.

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  • fascia_realeze



    A new device that target tensed connective- and muscular tissue. The Fascia-ReleaZer® is a patented therapeutical massage tool for fascia and muscle treatment. Made from perfectly ergonomically shaped walnut wood and with an adjustable vibration massage, you have the ideal massager for the rejuvenation and regeneration of muscle fasciae tissue. Elegant for clinical application as well as for home or recreational use.

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  • blackroll-needleroller-9904_1024x1024



    Key Effects:
    Stimulation of the superficial fascia layers
    You’ll feel the tingling, perfusion-supporting effect immediately
    Pain sensitivity is reduced
    Can regulate collagen and elastin production

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Showing 13–18 of 18 results