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  • Advanced-myofascial

    Advanced Myofascial Release


    Continues the beginning video with even more great Myofascial techniques! This DVD will show you how to evaluate postural distortions, and use Myofascial Release to bring the body into balance.

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    Anatomy & Pathology for Bodyworkers

    $54.95 $49.95

    Vital information that every therapist should know! Learn the function and anatomy of each system, corresponding diseases and disorders, & examples of bodywork techniques that affect each system. Journey through the skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and muscular systems. This video has hundreds of images and animations to make learning easy and fun!

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  • Ayurvedic-Face-Massage-shirodara-cover

    Ayurvedic Face Massage & Shirodara


    Learn how to evaluate each client according to the ancient Ayurvedic principle of the doshas; Vata, Pita and Kapha. Then learn one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments- Shirodara. Your clients will love the warm stream of oil as it soothes the mind. Next K.P. will lead you step by step through a face and neck massage according to Ayurvedic principles!

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  • Ayurvedic-spa-treatments-dvd-video

    Ayurvedic Spa Techniques


    This comprehensive program shows you how to evaluate each client according to the ancient Ayurvedic principles of the doshas. Then you will learn how to combine and apply the ingredients for 21 traditional Ayurvedic treatments

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    Beginning & Advanced Myofascial Release

    $140.00 $115.00

    Get Both Best Seller DVDs: Beginning & Advanced Myofascial Release and Save!

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  • Beginning-myofascial

    Beginning Myofascial Release


    Explore the magic of Myofascial Release. Eight lessons that cover the history, anatomy, and foundation techniques throughout the body. Gentle & effective, and works when other techniques don’t.

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    Benefits of Massage – Waiting Room DVD

    $39.00 $35.90

    Educate your clients while they wait with this looping promotional DVD! This 12 minute loop is beautifully filmed and discusses the latest research on massage, and includes a subtitled version so you can play it silently if you choose. Presented in a widescreen format to fit modern flat-screen televisions.

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  • chair-massage-online

    Chair Massage

    Master Chair massage technique online today.  Instant Access. Forever. Print a Certificate of Completion. The Exact Same Content as the DVDs.

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  • Nerve-mobilization-online

    Clinical Massage

    In collaboration with Real Bodywork, we now offer Online Videos that can be streamed to your laptop, tablets, and smart phones. Offering new Online learning experience. Deep Tissue, Muscle Energy, Nerve Mobilization, Orthopedic Massage, Sport Massage, Craniosacral, Polarity, Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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  • shiatsu

    Clinical Shiatsu


    Learn to use Shiatsu to treat back and neck pain, with advanced assessment tools and meridian pairing techniques. The most advanced Shiatsu DVD will allow you to give a comprehensive assessment and individual treatment to your clients.

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    Core Advanced Vinyasa Flow

    $33.00 $24.95

    Take your practice to the next level with the advanced yoga DVD. Featuring 5 different routines of varying lengths of time, this challenging yoga practice will open and strengthen your body, increase your stamina, and calm your mind.

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  • cranial-sacral-therapy-dvd

    Cranial-Sacral Therapy


    Discover how cranial work can enhance your practice. This wonderful video will show you how to balance each of the cranial bones and sacrum using 22 techniques.

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Showing 1–12 of 62 results