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  • myofascial_cupping

    Vacuum Cupping for Myofascial Mobilisation


    This DVD will show you an efficient use of Vacuum Cupping for the Soft Tissue Therapist. The cupping technique is anatomically specific myofascial mobilisation.

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  • vm1

    Visceral Manipulation


    Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a gentle hands-on therapy that works through the body’s visceral system (the heart, liver, intestines and other internal organs) to locate and alleviate abnormal points of tension throughout the bod

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  • vm_2

    Visceral Manipulation II


    Jean-Pierre Barral further develops the concepts, techniques, and approaches first described in his pioneering work Visceral Manipulation. While that text focused on the fundamental anatomical and physiological background of this approach to treatment, along with the basic manipulative techniques, Visceral Manipulation II is centered around clinical signs, diagnostic methods, emotional connections, and more advanced techniques.

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  • vm

    Visceral Manipulation: The DVD


    Jean-Pierre Barral demonstrates and discusses many of the diagnostic and treatment techniques that he and his colleagues developed in their system of visceral manipulation.

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  • wet3

    Wet Body Treatments, DVD Set


    This 3 DVD set gives you all you need for Wet Body Treatments: Hydrotherapy Tub, Steam & Vichy Shower Capsule, Vichy Shower.

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    Whiplash – Advanced Myofascial Techniques

    $79.95 $59.95

    Learn advanced myofascial and neurological techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work safely and effectively with whiplash and related trauma.

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    Wu Hao Tai Chi

    $30.95 $27.75

    Explore the secrets of Wu-Hao Tai Chi in this comprehensive video! One of the five major family styles of Tai Chi and the least known. It has a compact smaller frame for advanced Chi development, healing and energy.

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  • yoga-flow

    Yoga Flow: Saraswati River Tradition


    Explore the power and fluidity of yoga with this inspiring practice. This intermediate practice introduces both dynamic flowing yoga sequences, plus the option to explore more traditional yoga practices such as yogic breathing (pranayama), using toning during practice (surya yoga), and guided meditation (yoga nidra).

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    Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

    $33.00 $27.95

    Yoga Therapy for Back Pain includes 13 routines to help restore proper function to the entire back. These safe and gentle exercises increase mobility and reduce pain.

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    Yoga: Gentle Practice

    $33.00 $26.40

    Experience peace & tranquility while you gain flexibility! This comprehensive yoga DVD will get you started with a variety of routines to choose from. Let Zyrka’s insights & gentle guidance inspire your practice and rejuvenate your spirit and body! This is a great DVD for beginners or anyone new to yoga.

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  • yoga-gentle

    Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow


    This DVD focuses on moving with the breath,  explore the power and fluidity of Vinyasa yoga. Zyrka’s insights and gentle guidance make this learning experience as rich as a one-to-one class suitable for beginning to intermediate.

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  • yoga-spirit

    Yoga: Spirit of Vinyasa Flow


    Take your Practice to the next level with this advanced workout! Get inspired with this dynamic and energizing practice!

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Showing 217–228 of 228 results