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  • skinExcursion1

    The Skin Excursion


    This film highlight the skin through endoscopic observation, made on the living body, during surgery, to highlight the existence of a mechanism of mobility, architectural organization in the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

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  • face_scalp

    The Ultimate Face, Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage


    Beauty is more than skin-deep. Meade Steadman demonstrates massage techniques — basic and advanced — on the head and shoulders, following the body’s musculature, skeletal structure, and the vascular system to provide immediate results.

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  • therapeutic-massage-dvd-video

    Therapeutic Massage


    Increase the healing power of your touch! This video shows 3 massage routines utilizing 90 techniques. You will learn a clothed compression routine, Swedish relaxation sequence, and a detailed muscular sequence.

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    Tiger Body Workout

    $35.00 $29.95

    This DVD shows you how to build up your tiger body suit – a fascial network which is smooth, elastic and resilient. The program enables you to regain a youthful, bouncy movement quality combined with an energetic, powerful vitality.

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  • tcm_cupping

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy


    Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy provides a clear and detailed set of practical guidelines for the application of techniques of cupping in the context of TCM theory.

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  • Advanced-AMt-DVD-cover

    Traditional Pilates – Intermediate and Advanced Mat


    Simona Cipriani presents this 2 DVD set, a guide to the Intermediate and Advanced Mat exercises of the traditional Pilates Method of body conditioning.

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    Trail Guide to the Body – 5th Edition

    $129.95 $109.95

    Trail Guide to the Body is the most effective and engaging way to master palpation and musculoskeletal anatomy. With 504 pages and 1,400 illustrations covering more than 162 muscles, 206 bones, 33 ligaments and 110 bony landmarks, this text provides an invaluable map of the body. And now, the new 5th Edition offers even more — Trigger Points and Online Resources.

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  • triple-warmer

    Triple Warmer


    Featuring the pure, potent and natural musical vibrations produced by acoustic solo instruments, the glass harmonica,guitar,bamboo flute,Guzheng harp(zither), didgeridoo, and bass.

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  • tuina

    Tui Na: Student to Master


    Tui Na Student to Master, is a step by step video on how to do and improve your Tui Na massage.

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  • feet_n_legs

    Understanding Feet and Legs


    Take a tour with Tom Myers through the intricate anatomy of the four foot arches, the lower leg muscles and bones, and the relationship from ankle to knee to hip. Learn to deal with both pronated and supinated feet; learn how the arches respond dynamically in gait; learn to unravel complex rotations in the leg with advanced Fascial Release Techniques.

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  • unwinding-the-spine

    Unwinding the Spine


    This DVD teaches you techniques for the outer and the inner muscles of the spine, to free the movement and coordinate the spine with the limbs. Get on top of all things spinal with Tom’ Myers’ 40 years of experience, making it easy for you to evoke effective change safely and confidently.

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Showing 217–228 of 241 results