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  • motionis-lotion

    Motion is Lotion


    Join Erik Dalton and special guest Paul Kelly, as they bring the “lotion” to restore “motion” to stuck fascial layers, adhesive joint captules and injured ligaments.

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  • MAT Vol 4

    Myoskeletal Alignment for Lower Back, Hip & Leg Pain


    This impressive 6-piece DVD collection takes you to the heart of many chronic pain conditions. A perfect addition to any sports medicine, massage therapy, structural integration, physical therapy, personal training, or bodywork practice.

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  • Opening_the_breath

    Opening the Breath


    Opening the Breath takes you on a tour of the essential motions of breath in the rib cage, spine, shoulder, and neck – and how to enhance those motions for both the inhale and the exhale to achieve a full and easy breath.

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  • tensegri-teach


    $49.95$88.00 $46.95$79.95

    Tensegri-teach is a simple way to demonstrate how soft-tissue is balancing our body.

    Tips: Get 2 sets of the standard tensegri-teach and you can build a large octahedron tensegrity structure with 12 dowels

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  • pelvis_tensegri

    Tensegri-teach Pelvis


    Tensegri-teach Pelvis is a simple way to demonstrate how soft-tissue is balancing our body.

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  • endless_web

    The Endless Web


    This fully illustrated guide helps you understand how fascia works, what its role is within the body’s anatomy, and how gentle manipulation of the myofascial tissue is central to lasting therapeutic intervention.

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  • Poster_A

    The Fascial Web Poster A


    This is the first ever poster of Fascia, Fascia Man will be a perfect decoration for your clinic.

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  • fascia_poster1

    The Fascial Web Poster C


    This is the first ever poster of Fascia, a perfect decoration for your clinic.

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  • -21%

    The Nature of Fascia

    $19.00 $14.95

    This DVD provides a lecture on the scientific basis of fascia for manual therapists by Dr. Robert Schleip.

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  • -14%

    Tiger Body Workout

    $35.00 $29.95

    This DVD shows you how to build up your tiger body suit – a fascial network which is smooth, elastic and resilient. The program enables you to regain a youthful, bouncy movement quality combined with an energetic, powerful vitality.

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  • feet_n_legs

    Understanding Feet and Legs


    Take a tour with Tom Myers through the intricate anatomy of the four foot arches, the lower leg muscles and bones, and the relationship from ankle to knee to hip. Learn to deal with both pronated and supinated feet; learn how the arches respond dynamically in gait; learn to unravel complex rotations in the leg with advanced Fascial Release Techniques.

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  • unwinding-the-spine

    Unwinding the Spine


    This DVD teaches you techniques for the outer and the inner muscles of the spine, to free the movement and coordinate the spine with the limbs. Get on top of all things spinal with Tom’ Myers’ 40 years of experience, making it easy for you to evoke effective change safely and confidently.

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Showing 61–72 of 73 results