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  • thigh

    Direct Release Myofascial Technique – The Thigh


    The DVD for the thigh covers all its aspects: anterior; posterior; lateral and medial. Interestingly, all of these aspects have one or more tonic muscles within them. These postural, slow twitch muscles are frequently fibrous, short and tensioned. They require Direct Release Myofascial Technique to be effectively treated.

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  • drmt_dvd5_the_trunk

    Direct Release Myofascial Technique – The Trunk


    The Trunk covers the whole area between the pelvis and neck, includes the back, lateral and front side. The first part of this series covers the Back. First working on the big muscles across the entire back, as well as smaller muscles that attach and working on the vertebrae. The second part covers the Lateral & Anterior Aspects (1 hr 12 Mins). It shows you how to really release tight pecs. You’ll be able to make real inroads into all the problems that condition is associated with – stiff shoulders, poor breathing and hunched backs. Also includes Freeing the breathing, the single most important release.

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  • upper_extremity

    Direct Release Myofascial Technique – The Upper Extremity


    This DVD covers the Upper extremity, starts at the axilla and progresses distally through all of the major sites where compression and restrictions can occur. There is detailed work for the hand including the palmar fascia and the flexor retinaculum. It covers effective techniques for the shoulder joints: mobilising the Coracoid process, releasing Pectoralis Minor, Subscapularis, Latisimus Dorsi. Then the arms: Triceps, Deltoids, Biceps. Working with the soft tissue is an essential component of working with carpal tunnel and all peripheral neuropathies. This DVD will make you an expert at dealing with this disabling condition.

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  • easing_the_neck

    Easing the Neck


    A detailed tour of Fascial and Myofascial Techniques for the neck with Tom Myers. This DVD includes an anatomy overview of the three fascial cylinders in the neck. The program than details assessments and techniques for the outer muscles as well as the deeper neck muscles, and a detailed tour of the sub-occipital complex and their relation to eye movements.

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    Easing the Neck & Opening the Breath

    $140.00 $129.00

    Save $20 when you order the two DVDs by Tom Myers together! Easing the Neck will give you new confidence and inspiration in dealing with neck rotations, head forward posture, neck retraction, and those ever-present ‘kinks’ in the neck – as well as the ability to ‘put it all together’ in a coherent session for your clients.  Opening the Breath takes you on a tour of the essential motions of breath in the rib cage, spine, shoulder, and neck – and how to enhance those motions for both the inhale and the exhale to achieve a full and easy breath.

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  • Myoskeletal

    Erik Dalton’s Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Textbook


    Erik Dalton’s Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques will revolutionize your approach to treating complex pain and injury conditions. The new revised 3rd edition feature a hardback 408 pages, full colour illustrated book eloquently blends exciting new muscle/joint research with eighty innovative hands-on techniques.

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    Fascia Academy I

    $69.95 $19.95

    This DVD contains 14 lectures on the latest fascia research. A total of 9 hrs of lectures on the scientific discoveries of the most fascianating tissue.

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    Fascia Academy II

    $89.00 $29.50

    Fascia Academy II is a 4 DVD set containing lectures from 10 international anatomy, fascia, and bio-mechanical experts!

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    Fascia and Sports Medicine

    $99.00 $59.95

    Fascia & Sports Medicine is a 5 DVD set devoted to these two “fascianating” topics and how they influence and interact with each other. Featuring an array of 23 sports medicine, fascial, orthopaedic, and bio-mechanical experts!  

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    Fascia Research Update

    $19.95 $14.95

    What is new and relevant for manual therapists by Robert Schleip PhD. This DVD provides an animated lecture covering the latest news from the international field of fascia research.

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  • fascia_realeze



    A new device that target tensed connective- and muscular tissue. The Fascia-ReleaZer® is a patented therapeutical massage tool for fascia and muscle treatment. Made from perfectly ergonomically shaped walnut wood and with an adjustable vibration massage, you have the ideal massager for the rejuvenation and regeneration of muscle fasciae tissue. Elegant for clinical application as well as for home or recreational use.

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    Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body

    $92.00 $77.00

    This volume therefore brings together contributors from diverse backgrounds who share the desire to bridge the gap between theory and practice in our current knowledge of the fascia from both the clinical and scientific perspective.

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