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  • AT-dvd-bundle

    Anatomy Trains Regional Treatment Series


    The most complete regional manual therapy technique bundle from Anatomy Trains! Includes the 5  titles from Tom Myers.  Almost 20 hours of manual therapy technique on 8 DVDs!Unwinding the Spine, Understanding Feet and Legs, Balancing the Pelvis, Opening the Breath, Easing the Neck 

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  • anatomy_trains

    Anatomy Trains Revealed: Dissecting the Myofascial Meridians


    This 3-DVD set presents an unfolding firsthand voyage of discovery in the field of manual and movement therapies – a unique view of fascial anatomy in manual and movement therapy.

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  • atr_tensegrity_meridians

    Anatomy Trains: Fascial Tensegrity & Myofascial Meridians


    This 2 DVD set by Tom Myers introduce the concept of Anatomy Trains, Fascial Tensegrity & Myofascial Meridians.

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    Anatomy Trains: Techniques Series

    $429.00 $399.00

    Tom Myers now reveals techniques for each of the myofascial lines as outlined in the Anatomy Trains concepts. The Anatomy Trains Technique Series consisting of 8 DVDs. Each program presents a sequence of integrated fascial techniques for each of the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians lines.

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  • ArtofMATDVDs

    Art of MAT


    Take an inside look at Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques in action as you watch Erik Dalton and senior trainer Paul Kelly treatreal people with real problems. This long awaited course is the final step in your quest for Master Myoskeletal Technqiues.

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  • balancing-pelvis-dvd

    Balancing the Pelvis


    Expand your grasp of the pelvis in all its complexity!  Tom Myers presents his unique take on pelvic anatomy and SI joint dynamics in this 3 DVD set, and takes us on a systematic tour of the 20 ‘myofascial units’ (muscles) surrounding the pelvis, demonstrating and explaining the anatomy, the approach, and Fascial Release techniques.

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  • barral_abdomen

    Barral’s Advanced Visceral Manipulation Series


    The Advanced Visceral Manipulation series by Jean-Pierre Barral features detailed anatomical explanations and Visceral Manipulation treatment demonstrations for the Abdomen and Thorax. It contains 3 DVD titles: Abdomen 1, Abdomen 2 and the Thorax.

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    Beginning & Advanced Myofascial Release

    $140.00 $115.00

    Get Both Best Seller DVDs: Beginning & Advanced Myofascial Release and Save!

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  • Beginning-myofascial

    Beginning Myofascial Release


    Explore the magic of Myofascial Release. Eight lessons that cover the history, anatomy, and foundation techniques throughout the body. Gentle & effective, and works when other techniques don’t.

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  • bodyread

    BodyReading 101


    Body reading is both an art and a skill. These DVDs build your abilities step-by-step from reading the skeleton’s relative position to seeing the soft-tissue restraints involved in creating the position, to strategies for unwinding the problem.

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    Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping® Method

    $99.00 $89.00

    This is the most comprehensive Kinesio Tex Tape manual covering most clinical conditions from head to toe. Describes each condition, giving a step-by-step approach on how to a apply the Kinesio Tex Tape.

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    CONNECT2017 Lectures

    $59.95 $44.95

    This USB stick contains 13 recorded lectures from the CONNECT2017 congress at the University of Ulm in Germany. World-renowned scientists discussed fibrous connective tissues (fascia) within the context of Sports Medicine. Connective tissue, a fibrous tissue that encompasses ligaments, tendons, joint capsules and muscle fascia is often plagued by injury. Professional athletes as well as amateur sportsmen are familiar with this occurrence and often struggle with the injury’s legacy. In the spirit of preventing and managing such occurrences, professional trainers, physiotherapists, sport physicians and physiologists are coming together at the CONNECT 2017 – CONNECTIVE TISSUES IN SPORTS MEDICINE conference.

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