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    Chinese Acupressure Massage

    $45.00 $39.95

    This DVD shows the complete set of Traditional Chinese Acupressure Massage to revitalize the entire body’s ‘Qi’ energy and restore a state of total balance and well-being.

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  • shiatsu

    Clinical Shiatsu


    Learn to use Shiatsu to treat back and neck pain, with advanced assessment tools and meridian pairing techniques. The most advanced Shiatsu DVD will allow you to give a comprehensive assessment and individual treatment to your clients.

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  • Integrative Massage dvd video cover

    Integrative Massage- Earth


    Earth: A deep, muscular massage designed to release tension, loosen muscles and free restrictions.

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  • int-fire

    Integrative Massage: Fire


    Fire: A rejuvenating and revitalizing massage designed to loosen blocks, relieve stress and energize the body.

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  • spirit

    Integrative Massage: Spirit


    Spirit: a gentle stress relieving massage designed to quiet the mind and get the client in touch with their deeper rhythms.

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    Mastering Thai Massage

    $59.95 $49.95

    Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage with master instructor, Richard Gold. This beautifully filmed DVD features over 3 hours of instruction and over 170 detailed techniques.

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  • meridian_qigong

    Meridian Qigong


    Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming will teach you Meridian Qigong, his special daily exercise routine. Follow along and learn how a unique combination of simple yoga stretches, qigong movements, and acupressure techniques can relieve energy stagnation and rejuvenate your entire body.

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  • polarity

    Polarity Therapy


    This DVD shows 16 specific Polarity bodywork sessions, using techniques based on the five elements and three principles of Polarity Therapy. Learn how to evaluate each client to give them a unique treatment that will target specifically what they need. Mary Sullivan, and her 30 years of teaching experience will bring your bodywork to a new level using these effective and transformative techniques. These techniques can be light, deep, or include motion- depending on the client.

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  • reiki_healing

    Reiki Healing Techniques


    Tap into the universal life force energy, providing physical, mental, and emotional healing…for yourself and others with whom you share this healing art. Usui Reiki Master, Laiya Moniak, discusses how the energy system works, how chakras and auric bodies affect our well being, and how to achieve what is possible. This valuable information benefits both novice and master.

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  • vm

    Visceral Manipulation: The DVD


    Jean-Pierre Barral demonstrates and discusses many of the diagnostic and treatment techniques that he and his colleagues developed in their system of visceral manipulation.

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  • chakracover

    Voyage through the Chakras


    “Voyage Through the Chakras isn’t just any new age album, it is a beautifully created and crafted work of art that contains such a wide depth and wonderful flow of tranquil but purposeful music. I personally would recommend this album to anyone who seeks to find their borderlands of inner peace. Yuval Ron and his team on this album have probably produced the ultimate meditative album of the century thus far and, as such it is totally recommended.”

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  • wu-hao

    Wu Hao Tai Chi


    Explore the secrets of Wu-Hao Tai Chi in this comprehensive video! One of the five major family styles of Tai Chi and the least known. It has a compact smaller frame for advanced Chi development, healing and energy.

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