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Issue #21, August 2018,
View Online Here, Or Download it here


Fascia and the Mind-Body Connection —David Lesondak
Fascial Net Plastination Project – January, 2018 —Francesca Philip
There is a Third Layer of the ITB
Fascial tissue research in sports medicine
“Oh Baby – now that’s a scar!” Scar Release & C-sections —Marjorie Brook, LMT
Can We Give Precisely Define Deep Tissue Massage?
Michael Phelps’ Forward Head Posture and Swimmer’s Shoulder
Thoracic Hyperkyphosis – The Critical Component of Upper Crossed Syndrome— Joe Muscolino
A Cient-Centered Model of Manual Care— Walt Fritz
Frozen Shoulder: The role of muscle guarding
Response from Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey
Fascial Manipulation® – Stecco® method: The practitioner’s perspective— Julie Ann Day
The Value of Confidence -Til Luchau
Altered patterns of pelvic bone motion determined in subjects with posterior pelvic pain
The Efficacy of Vibrating Rollers
Research Highlights


Issue #20, June 2017,
View Online Here, Or Download it here

Fascia as a Sensory Organ: Clinical Applications —Robert Schleip
Fascial Unwinding —Paulo Tozzi
Working with the Sternocleidomastoid—Til Luchau
Principles of Fascia Training —Robert Schleip
All Parts are Equal, or are they??—Marjorie Brook
Can we alter the Thoracolumbar Fascia? — Jeff Tan
To Flex or Extend? — Joe Muscolino
Research: Are we asking the wrong questions in the wrong way? — Jenny Richardson
Systemic inflammation and neuroinflammation in fibromyalgia patients
Research Highlights
Six Questions to Marjorie Brook
A Chat with Eve Pereeda


Issue #19, December 2016,
View Online Here, Or Download it here

Sciatic Pain—Til Luchau
Changing Your Story—Walt Fritz
The Thoracic Spine… The Silent Saboteur— Joe Muscolino
Does Cupping Enhance Sports Performance?— Romy Lauche
My Experience in Rio 2016 Olympics — Ali Rubie
Growing Hands with Myofascial Therapy
The Walking/Gait Cycle and Its Relationship to the Pelvis—John Gibbons
Iliotibial Band– A piece of the body from a body in pieces. A Clinical Anatomists View —John Sharkey
An Interview with Christopher-Marc Gordon
Myofascial Self-Help Therapy with a Mini Foot Roller: A Plantar Fascia Study—Christopher-Marc Gordon et al. Sacral neurons reassigned to sympathetic
with Comments by Til Luchau & David Lesondak
Research Highlights
Six Questions to Taso Lambridis
Six Questions to John Gibbons


Issue #18, May 2016,
View Online or Download it here

  • Iliotibial Band Sydnrome, with comments Whitney Lowe, Til Luchau, Joe Muscolino, Robert Baker, Art Riggs.
  • Isometrics for tendon pain – Practical Implementation and considerations —  Ebonie Rio, Craig Purdam, Sean Docking & Jill Cook
  • An interview with  Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau
  • How I treat Trochanteric Bursitis — Tom Ockler, PT
  • Overpronation— Joe Muscolino
  • Overselling Overpronation— Jeff Tan
  • The Hand-L Massage Tool: From Dream to Reality — Bob McAtee, LMT
  • A working experience with CORE Myofascial Therapy — Taso Lambridis, MSc
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to David Steven
  • 6 Questions to Bob McAtee


Issue #17, December 2015, Read on the web here

  • Understanding the placebo effect—Brian Fulton
  • Myofascial pain syndrome & fibromyalgia—John Sharkey
  • Integrating new techniques—Art Riggs
  • Improve your results for clients with persistent pain — Rachel Fairweather
  • The importance of joint mobilization— Joe Muscolino
  • Easy assessment for massage therapist—Sean Riehl
  • Type 1 ankle restrictions and plantar fasciitis — Til Luchau
  • Manual therapy for lower back pain—Evidence-based and clinical outcomes
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Brian Fulton
  • 6 Questions to Rachel Fairweather


Issue #16, July 2015, Read on the web here

  • The shape of nature—Graham Scarr
  • Biotensegrity, A Brief Historical Perspective—John Sharkey
  • BioTensegrity, Powering the fabric of human anatomy— John Sharkey & Joanne Avison
  • The Elastic Body, Introducing Biotensegrity as a model of Elastic Integrity in the moving body—Joanne Avison
  • A randomized clinical trial of Structural Integration as an adjunct to outpatient rehabilitation for chronic low back pain: A summary— Eric Jacobson PhD, MPH
  • The Price of Smart Phones—Joe Muscolino
  • Putting the Maximus Back into Gluteus Maximus— John Gibbons
  • CORE Structural Integration and Myofascial Therapy: A lifetime of improving structure and function— George P. Kousaleos, LMT
  • Bringing Up Baby…. Bodywork
  • 6 Questions to John Sharkey
  • 6 Questions to Jo Avison


Issue #15, December 2014, Read on the web here

  • Fascial Training for Soccer Players
  • An interview with Markus Rossman
  • Interoception—Some Suggestions for Manual and Movement Therapies—Robert Schleip
  • Report from the 2014 Fascia Summer School— Alison Slater
  • FFT Case Study: Exposed Leg Fractures—Ron Alexander
  • Plantar Fasciitis: High loading strength training improves outcome – Michael Rathleff
  • Comments on Plantar Fasciitis—Joe Muscolino
  • Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis—Judah Lyons
  • Comments on Plantar Fasciitis—Art Riggs
  • Comments on Plantar Fasciitis—Til Luchau
  • Touch is Everything—Art Riggs
  • Fascia: A Body wide Organ — Paolo Tozzi
  • CORE Myofascial Therapy— George Kousaleos
  • Workshop Report: CORE Myofascial Therapy & CORE Sports and Performance Bodywork
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Paolo Tozzi
  • 6 Questions to Jo Phee


Issue #14, July 2014, Read on the web here

  • The Great Debate about Stretching —Chris Frederick
  • Cervical Injuries & Treatment Strategies — George Kousaleos
  • Don’t Underestimate the Thorax —Jo Key
  • Fascia Distortion Model — Frank Römer
  • Fascial Fitness and Pilates—Kerrie Murphy
  • Fascia and Back Pain—Andreas Schilder
  • Functional Fascial Taping® and Research — Ron Alexander
  • Cover Feature: Donna Eddy
  • PNF Stretching
  • Barefoot vs. Shod Running
  • Working at the End of Range —Art Riggs
  • Throwing and Elastic Storage—James Earls
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Donna Eddy
  • 6 Questions to Chris Frederick

Issue #13, December 2013


  • Cover Feature – Jo Phee
  • Anatomy in Clay — Joe Muscolino
  • An interview with Antonio Stecco
  • Maximise Body Oxygenation — Patrick McKeown
  • Functional Fascial Taping® Research — Ron Alexander
  • Tendinopathy: What about the pain?— Ebonie Rio & Prof. Jill Cook
  • The Intrinsic Spiral — George Kousaleos
  • Distal Vs. Proximal — Art Riggs
  • John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Goldilocks — Til Luchau
  • Erection During Massage
  • Acupressure and Myofascial Therapy: A Unified Approach — John Kirkwood
  • What Dooms Working Relationship? — Don Quinn
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to John Kirkwood
  • 6 Questions to Ron Alexander

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Issue #12, June 2013


  • Heart Support, Heart Opening — Mary Bond
  • Case Puzzler: Anterior/lateral Hip — Whitney Lowe
  • An Interview with Susan Chapelle
  • A Journey into Fascia Wonderland
  • Venolymphatic Drainage Therapy — Guido Meert
  • Emotional Release — Art Riggs
  • Borborygmous — Walt Fritz
  • Fascia and Reflexology
  • Pseudoscience & Pseudoskpetic
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Mary Bond
  • 6 Questions to Guido Meert

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Issue #11, December 2012


  • Working with Rib Restrictions — Til Luchau
  • First Rib Mobilization using an Indirect Technique — Marita Louw
  • Mobilizing the Frst Rib — Art Riggs
  • Fascia as a Communication Organ — Robert Schleip
  • 10 Steps towards Fascial Fitness— Sol Petersen
  • Research on Cupping — Romy Lauche
  • Massage Tools
  • Joint Mobilization of the Thoracic Region— Joe Muscolino
  • “Core” Matters— Josephine Key
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Greg Polins
  • 6 Questions to Josephine Key

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Issue #10, June 2012


  • Illustrating Fascia
  • How Do We Know What We Know—Joe Muscolino
  • From the 3rd International Fascia Research Congress – David Lesondak
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse —Walt Fritz
  • What is Deep Tissue Massage?—Art Riggs
  • Spontaneous Movement
  • Straight Percentage Works Best—Don Dillon
  • Tom Ockler on MET
  • Postural Assessment- Jane Johnson
  • 3D Anatomy for Manual Therapists
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to David Lesondak
  • 6 Questions to Jane Johnson
  • 6 Questions to Walt Fritz

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Issue #9, December 2011

  • Fascia and Fascism
  • Joint Mobilisation of the Neck—Joe Muscolino
  • Warming up—Art Riggs
  • Chronic Hamstring Strain and the Pelvis—Stephanie Panayi
  • Fascial Unwinding Cancels Torsional Forces—Dorothea Blostein
  • Myofascial Vacuum Cupping—Robert Granter
  • Give Them a Reason to Come Back—Don Dillon
  • Muscle Energy Techniques for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome—Tom Ockler
  • Pandiculation: An organic way to main tain musculoskeletal heath—Luiz Fernando Bertolucci
  • Body Image and Massage
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Robert Granter
  • 6 Questions to Byron Barth

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Issue #8, July 2011


  • Refine your touch—Art Riggs
  • Report from Joe Muscolino’s Workshop in Australia
  • Sander as a Tool for Myofascial release— Cassandra Wang
  • What’s New in Fascial Anatomy—Julie Ann Day
  • Muscle Energy Techniques for the Pelvis— Tom Ockler
  • Get the Rhythm—Steven Goldstein
  • An Interview with Eli Thompson
  • The Transverse Diaphragms
  • True Grit of Muscle Spasm—Erik Dalton
  • For Effective Injury Prevention, Think Holistically—Laurainn Greene & Richard Goggins
  • Forearm Massage: Massaging the Hips—Shari Auth
  • The Biomechanics of Lumbar Fascia — Giovanni Chetta
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Tom Ockler
  • 6 Questions to Lauriann Greene

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Issue #7, March 2011


  • Fascia Fitness—Divo Müller & Robert Schleip
  • Tai Chi Coiling
  • Auth Method: A Guide to Using Forearms— Shari Auth
  • An Interview with Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau
  • Fundamentals of- Clinical Orthopedic Massage— Dr. Joe Muscolino
  • The Massage Project— Joanne Schoenwald
  • Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia— Romel Rones
  • Transitioning Your Bodywork—Art Riggs
  • Research Highlights
  • 6 Questions to Robert Schleip
  • 6 Questions to Divo Müller

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Issue 6

Issue #6, December 2010

  • Myofascial manipulation— Mau Ronchi
  • Passivattiva technique for the torso & upper extremities — Mau Ronchi
  • The Trendelenburg test —John Garfield
  • Learning massage through videos—Video killed massage books?
  • Art Riggs Deep Tissue Massage workshops in Sydney
  • Fascia science made simple— Bethany Ward
  • Interview with Gil Hedley
  • Myofascial stretching for hip flexors – Walt Fritz, PT
  • Fibromyalgia: New perspectives—Steve Goldstein
  • Relieve computer neck & shoulder tension— Anita Boser
  • Spock massage
  • Research highlights
  • Six questions to Steve Goldstein
  • Six questions to Bethany Ward

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Issue #5, June 2010

  • Structural Integration—Michael Stanborough, MA
  • An interview with Shari Auth
  • Simulating Fascia & Injury— Maurizio Ronchi
  • Muscle Palpation Assessment and Orthopedic Massage by Dr. Joe Muscolino
  • High Heels and Back Pain by Erik Dalton PhD
  • The Danger of High Heels
  • Chronic Neck Pain & The Core
  • Myofascial Streching for the Arm & Shoulder – Walt Fritz, PT
  • Dorn Spinal Therapy & Breuss Massage – Barbara Simon
  • An Alternative Approach to Stretching – Whitney Lowe, LMT
  • Research Highlights
  • Six Questions to Michael Stanborough
  • Six Questions to Barbara Simon

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Issue #4, Dec 2009

  • Pain and relationships with your clients—Art Riggs
  • All about pain
  • An interview with Sean Riehl
  • Compression with movement
  • Interview with Luigi Stecco and Julie Day
  • Myofascial Techniques for the deeper structure of the posterior neck —Til Luchau
  • Vertebral artery test —Colin Rossie
  • Form closure, force closure & myofascial slings
  • It’s not all about the piriformis —Marty Ryan
  • The myth about core training
  • Research Highlights
  • Six Questions to Erik Dalton
  • Six Questions to Joe Muscolino
  • Magic spots

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Issue #3, June 2009

  • Myofascial Techniques for the Superficial Neck Fascia —Til Luchau
  • Imagery to lengthen the neck
  • The Relationship Between Stress and Neck & Shoulder Pain —Anita Boser
  • An Integrated Approach to Rehabilitation of Leg Injuries. Part II —Art Riggs
  • Deadbeat Diagnosis —Erik Dalton
  • Thai Massage —Richard Gold
  • Peripersonal Space & Bodywork
  • A New Theory on Reflexology
  • De Quervain’s Syndrome
  • A New Contraindication of Massage — Kristin Osborn
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome — Whitney Lowe
  • Research Highlights
  • Six Questions to Til Luchau
  • Six Questions to Anita Boser

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Issue #2 (Dec 2008)

  • Integrating Diagnosis and Treatment for Bodywork—Kit Laughlin
  • The Spinal Engine — Erik Dalton
  • An Integrated Approach to Rehabilitation of Leg Injuries. Part 1.—Art Riggs
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Unwinding
  • Lipoedema — Kristin Osborn
  • Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Rwo Shur, Chinese Foot Reflexology
  • The Passivattiva Technqiue for the Legs— Maurizio Ronchi
  • Research Highlights
  • Six Questions to Whitney Lowe
  • Six Questions to Diana Haynes

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Issue #1 (June 2008)


  • The Art of Touch—Art Riggs
  • Relief for Massage Therapists’ Repetitive Strain—Anita Boser
  • The Core for Bodyworkers—Michael Stanborough
  • The Dorn Method—Thomas Zudrell
  • Report from Fascia Congress 2007 Replay—Ali Rubie
  • Ten Effective Acupressure Points
  • A Note on Forward Head Posture
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome—Sean Riehl
  • Keyboard use and CTS
  • Manual testing for CTS
  • Massage lowers stress for babies & mums

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