Fascial Fitness Training

 Tiger Body Workout

Fascial Fitness 50+ presented by Divo Gitta Müller


How agile, mobile and vital you feel and how you look over the span of your life depends a lot on the elasticity and tonicity of your muscular connective tissues, called fascia. Fascial Fitness is a brand new approach that translates the latest findings of the international field of fascia research into a personal workout program.

This DVD shows you how to build up your tiger body suit – a fascial network which is smooth, elastic and resilient. The program enables you to regain a youthful, bouncy movement quality combined with an energetic, powerful vitality. It noticeably improves the overall tonicity of your connective tissues, leaving you with a sensuous‚ cat body’ feeling and wellbeing.

Running time: 67 mins. 

Fascial Fitness Workshop with Dr. Robert Schleip & Divo Muller will be in Sydney 16-19 Jan 2014. Check it out!


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DVD Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Warm up
  • Beginners Program: Easy going
  • Advanced Program: Stronger stuff
  • Interview with Robert Schleip PhD (Director, Fascia Research Group, Ulm University)

This cutting edge approach has many applications for bodywork, rehabilitation, injury prevention, sports medicine, yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, and movement therapies. 


Review by Carrie Gaynor (Structural Integration Teacher)

  • The two things I most noticed after practicing the full scope of the Tiger Body Workout: Overall sense of well being, spaciousness and vitality. I also experienced many new sensations in my body during the workout. No adverse effects or muscle soreness other than sensitivity at the fronts of my ankles.
  • Inspiring New Workout! – This is what we do for ourselves over the long haul. It is very different from the “fast result” mindset.
  • Short routines are easy and fun to include with anyone's fitness routine.
  • Great Science – Understanding fascia and its biomechanics can get kind of techie, but our guides understand the value of “not too much, not too little“ and get the balance just right. They bring back the ‘bounce factor’ that so many of us grew up with and introduce cool new science about collagen fibers and the ‘crimp factor’ – both of which are essential to the rejuvenation and sustainability of our tissues.

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About the Instructor

Divo Muller is one of the first internationally authorized Continuum teachers in Europe since 1992. She is a Somatic Experience practitioner, author of a book, numerous articles and DVDs, which teaches a specially designed movement approach for women, based on Continuum. Divo teaches regularly all over Europe as well as in Brazil and in New Zealand. She offers a unique movement program in her Studio Bodybliss in Munich.

Divo is one of the original developer of Fascial Fitness program, in collaboration with an international group of fascia pioneers, she translates the new findings into a practical and inspiring Fascial Fitness Program.


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