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The Anatomy of Stretching by Brad Walker

Books on stretching are common, but The Anatomy of Stretching takes a more fundamental approach than the others, taking the reader inside the body to show exactly what is happening during a stretch. At the heart of the book are 300 full-color illustrations that show the primary and secondary muscles worked in 115 key stretches arranged by body area. Author Brad Walker brings years of expertise—he works with elite-level and world-champion athletes, and lectures on injury prevention—to this how-to guide. He looks at stretching from every angle, including physiology and flexibility; the benefits of stretching; the different types of stretching; rules for safe stretching; and how to stretch properly. Aimed at fitness enthusiasts of any level, as well as at fitness pros, The Anatomy of Stretching also focuses on which stretches are useful for the alleviation or rehabilitation of specific sports injuries. 

160 pages, 120 colour drawings

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About Brad

Brad Walker, Assoc. Dip. Health Science (Sport and Exercise), is a prominent Australian sports trainer with more than twenty years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. Walker graduated from the University of New England, and has postgraduate accreditations in athletics, swimming, and triathlon coaching. Read articles by Brad. Brad's company website.

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