Reflexology for Feet & Hands

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About the DVD

Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears to affect the corresponding parts of the body.  By stimulating points on the feet and hands, we can increase blood flow and normalize tissue function in other parts of the body.

Learn to give a wonderful foot and hand massage incorporating reflexology! This DVD is divided into 8 chapters that cover the basic topic of reflexology including a brief history of Reflexology, locations of the 10 zones of the hands and feet, information on the locations of the organ and gland reflexes of the feet and hands, and several demonstrations of foot and hand reflexology sessions. At the end of each lecture topic there is a two or three question "quiz".

Comes with a Reflexology-chart Postcard

Telly Award Winner!


The Art of Healing, December 2009:

This DVD is informative and fun. You could essentially be viewing it at the same time as practicing the first time you watch it.

Massage Today Review:

.. you will certainly get a good introduction to reflexology, and will be able to incorporate many basic reflexology techniques into your massage session.

It is a pleasure to view this video. As I have come to expect with Sean Riehl's videos, the production quality is superb. The pictures are sharp, the script is tight, the lighting is on the money, and music is serene. I must make a special note of the high quality graphics, which make an important contribution to the usability of this video. The camera is positioned so that the viewer can clearly observe the techniques presented, unlike some other reflexology videos I have seen where the practitioner's hands are blocked.

DVD content

Running Time: 40 mins

This informative video covers 8 lessons.

Lesson 1: History of Reflexology
Lesson 2: Working the 10 foot zones
Lesson 3: Working the organ reflexes
Lesson 4: Working the gland reflexes
Lesson 5: General foot massage
Lesson 6: Working the 10 hand zones
Lesson 7: Working the organ reflexes on the hands
Lesson 8: Working the gland reflexes on the hands

About The Instructor

Geri Riehl is the co-founder of Real Bodywork with her husband Sean. Geri is a licensed massage therapist, and taught Swedish Massage and Reflexology for many years at the Body Therapy Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Her gentleness and spiritual warmth are reflected in her work.

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