The Dorn Method Course Package (DVD)

Featuring the art of Dorn Method, a wholistic, gentle, effective and safe way to correct misalignments of the Spinal Column and other joints. You've seen it on TV, you've heard and read about it, now you can learn it!

It is possibly the most effective and safe Manual Therapy available today that can help with: Backpain, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Neck and Joint Pains, Migraine, Hip-Problems,  all chronic inner conditions and etc.

Founded in the 1980s by Dieter Dorn, a German farmer and sawmill owner, over thirty years ago to cure his and his family members' vertebral problems. The lay healer since trained hundreds of people in this wonderful technique since it takes only two days to learn and many are now practicing it with equal success. 

Dorn Method uses a non-manipulative approach with a 'dynamic', moving action to correct joint or vertebrae dysfunctions. This technique is applied simply by using natural movements of arms and legs or by applying gentle pressure to the spinous process. It can be learned and mastered easily all you need is sensitive, healthy hands. A talented lay person can quickly help, in many cases, themselves and those around them, but of course to use the DORN METHOD on a professional level more experience, training and knowledge about anatomy, physiology, massage, bodywork is necessary!

Start to learn at home and help yourself and others! Or prepare yourself for a Hands-on Training. An ideal complement also for existing Dorn-Method Practitioners. Integrate the Dorn Method in your practice.


This DVD is no longer available

This study pack contains loads of information,


  • DVD:

    1. Video instructions on the complete Dorn therapy (ALL MAJOR JOINTS): Cheking & Correction of leg length discrepancy, Knee & Ankle joints, Pelvis, Sacrum, Lumbar, Thoracic, Scoliosis, Cervicals, Shoulder joint, Elbow, Hand & Finger joints, Acromium-Clavicular joint, TMJ (26 mins)

    2. The Breuss massage (25 mins)

    3. Self-help Exercise (30 mins)

  • DVD-ROM (for use with computer):

    1. Video files (in wmv):

      Dorn Method with Helmut Koch,

      The Dorn Method Introduction (Thomas Zudrell)

      Dorn Method Demo (Thomas Zudrell)

      Dorn Method on all major joints (Thomas Zudrell)

      Breuss Massage (Thomas Zudrell)

      Self-help Dorn exercises (Thomas Zudrell)

    2. Book & Manual (as pdf):

      Dorn Method eBook (worth $15) 

      eManual for Therapists

      Dorn Therapy on Children and Infants

    3. Posters (jpeg files): Connection Chart, Self Help Exercises, Spine Poster, Meridians & Dorn Therapy.

    4. Research papers

    5. Articles, leaflet, patient information, A very special bonus from Thomas: a free file on how to make your own ionic detox cleanse system for less than $50 (a value of several hundred dollars in fact) read more here:

    6. Powerpoint presentation


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Thomas Zudrell was born in 1962 in Wangen / Germany, he was drawn into the healing Profession by a constantly increasing Interest in his skills and knowledge in the fields of Alternative Medicine and Manual Therapy and works since 2003 fulltime as a Healer and Consultant.

The Author of the first English book about the Dorn Method was mainly working in the Philippines until February 2006. He is now in Germany and is the most active Dorn Instructor on an international level and trying to make the Dorn Method worldwide more popular and recognized by Conventional and Alternative Medicine alike.

He was certified Doctor of Medicine (Alternative Medicines) under the Indian Board for Alternative Medicines and he currently writes on his Thesis for a PhD (A.M.) in the field of Manual Therapy with the main subject Dorn Method). He did detailed scientific research with a team of doctors, healers and therapists in the Philippines to understand the mechanics of the Dorn Therapy and the results can be found on his website.

He operates a well visited English and German Information-Platform on the Internet:  and a Forum at:




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