Chi-Reflexology : Guidelines for the Middle Way - The Book

A 250+ page text, with a full colour cover and a four-page full colour of the Chi-Reflexology Foot Chart, with over 100 illustrations. It is a unique and original text which combines the Chinese philosophy, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and acupressure with Reflexology. The text is the first in the world to state a consistent perspective of the Anatomical Reflection Theory as reflected in the feet, as well as explaining in detail the aspects of the Chinese philosophy. An easy, user-friendly approach "The information in Moss' book pour out as if he were talking to you"; yet at the same time thought-provoking and profound. It is a text for reflexologists, natural therapists, and all interested in health, harmony, and well-being.

This book breaks new ground, not only in reflexology, but in natural therapies. It is a must for everyone from the novice to the professional

This Book is now replaced by Reflexology : Basics of The Middle Way



Topics covered include
  • Perspective of the feet
  • Holding the Person, Holding the feet
  • The Chinese philosophy
  • Wholistic Approach
  • Balance and Imbalance
  • Chi: Energy of the Universe
  • Yin and Yang
  • The Two Chinese Clocks
  • Meridians and acu-points
  • Reflexions : Mirrors of the chi of the body
  • Solar Plexus Revised
  • Pressure and Pain
  • Acupresure in Reflexology
  • The Five Phases Theory
  • Reading the chi of the feet
  • Chi-Reflexology Consultation
  • Case Histories, and
  • Glossary


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About the author:

Moss Arnold BA Dip. Ed., Dip.FR, Dip. OM, Dip. TCM, Acupressure and Reflexology Therapist, has been an educator for over twenty years and a therapist for more than eleven. He currently has a practice at Lawson, in the Blue Mountains.

He is the originator of the unique approach "Chi-Reflexology", as well as author and international presenter. He has presented various Chi-Reflexology Conference presentations and seminars around Australia and around the world. He annually presents seminars overseas, including a lecture tour of Europe and the highlight so far has been the only Reflexologist invited to present at the the Holistic Health Summit in Bangalore India in January 2003, with such notables as Deepak Chopra.




This attractive wall chart fits beautifully in your clinic. The chart shows the locations of the organ and gland reflexes of the feet and hands.


Size: 46 cm x 40 cm (or 18 x 16 inch)

Printed in the USA




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