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Geraldine Tay, Eu Hooi Khaw

Father Josef's Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology was brought into Asia by Father Josef Eugster more than 30 years ago (in the 1980s). This method is called Rwo Shur method of Foot Reflexology, which is one of the more popular schools of foot reflexology. Due to its effectiveness, its popularity has spread throughout the world.

Father Josef's Foot Reflexology is the first book written in English about his experiences and his unique foot reflexology method, which he initiated, researched and advocates, based on western and eastern cultural perceptions. This book provide the basic theories, reflex areas along with the colourful charts, and 83 techniques and applications for various body parts.


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The Chinese Method of Foot Reflexology known today, also called the Rwo-Shur Method, originated from Father Josef Eugster, a Swiss Catholic Priest, who goes by the Chinese name Wu Rwo-Shur (吳若石) in 1978. He came to Taiwan some 30 years ago to preach in Taitung, at that time he suffered acute arthritis. Another fellow missionary gave him a book about foot reflexology titled Good Health for the Future (1976) by Heidi Masafret. He studied the book and experimented on himself and able to relieve his pain. He then began practicing on others to help them with their health problems, but also as a way to spread the gospel.


Foreword by Father Josef


Basic theories

Understanding reflex areas

The essential points of father josef's reflexology

Techniques and applications - 83 reflex points

Other considerations

Your feet tell the story


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